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September 30, 2020


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"The Jungle" From In the Pit of Vipers

September 30, 2020

May 20, 2742
“Oh, would you look at that?” Sergeant Hines said as he looked at the now dead recruit’s body as they flew over what used to be called Brazil. He had taken a bullet in the head. Corporal Jameson shrugged as the small assault ship began to ascend.
“What do we do?” Corporal Jameson asked, looking at the massive blood puddle on the transport’s floor. The recruit’s weapons and gear were already removed as well as any other gear that he may have had on him. The body lay there on the ramp, blood slowly puddling as the fluids left the now lifeless body. He kicked the body, expecting it to come back to life, but not now, not ever.
“Feed the forest is what we do.” Sergeant Hines said as he switched to the pilot’s frequency. “He was an orphan, anyway right?” It was a grim task, but it had to be done. “Pilot, we have a dead body and need to get rid of it before we go up.”
“Affirmative, will get low enough.” As he readjusted the flightpath of the ship he slowed just about twenty-five meters above the rain...

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First Blog

September 30, 2020


Hi, this is my first blog entry for my site.

Not much has been going on as of late, still working on In The Pit of Vipers, my 15th book in the 2-4 Cavalry series. So far it's going slow as I don't know what to add and have only snippets in my head. Yet I will continue on working on it so I can get it out to you, the reader.


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